About this Blog

Created to make lessons on Reactive Programming using clojure.
It will follow the Coursera' course Principles of Reactive Programming by Erik Meijer, Martin Odersky and Roland Kuhn but it will use Clojure to make the same things.
The code is hosted on https://github.com/marcomanzi/reactiveclojure


  1. Hey, I heard about this blog through Clojure Google Groups account. How far did you get with the coursera scala-based course. Would you recommend it for other clojure devs?


    1. Hi, unfortunately I didn't go that far on the course.
      Actually I had some problems (well not problems), but I got new work and a new city. So I had to stop follow the course. Actually I stop at the third week.
      Actually I got a little bored of it and my obligations made me take this decision.
      As soon as I will find some times I will try to update the blog about Reactive programming in clojure. I'm studying a lot the argument and I will try to make a big project with this methodology. I'll update the blog for sure.

  2. trying example from code from chap1 but getting error can u help pls

    "WebSocket error" Object { type: "error_1", target: Object, currentTarget: Object, propagationStopped_: false, defaultPrevented: false, returnValue_: true, data: undefined }

    weasel.repl.connect</connect__delegate/</<() repl.js:172
    goog.events.EventTarget.prototype.fireListeners() eventtarget.js:285
    goog.events.EventTarget.dispatchEventInternal_() eventtarget.js:382
    goog.events.EventTarget.prototype.dispatchEvent() eventtarget.js:197